Joseph C. Prindle - Einstein Author

Joseph Prindle is a sought-after speaker and scholar on the topics of science, technology and history. A physicist and former rocket scientist, Joseph has spent the last several years analyzing the words, wisdom and science of Albert Einstein. A well-liked speaker at conferences and conventions, Joseph's sessions are very popular and highly regarded.

Mr. Prindle is an award winning writer, the author of three books, the most recent being Einstein's Tears, and A. Einstein is his 3rd screenplay. He is the author of over 20 patents, and 5 comprehensive technical manuals for the U.S. Government. In addition to writing articles, technical papers, and college textbooks, Joseph continues to be a successful motivational speaker at business, technical and scientific seminars and conventions.

In his spare time:-), Joseph is also a seasoned serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of leading, innovating, launching and managing the delivery of complex technical systems. He has introduced many cutting edge products, and developed multiple large scale high-availability e-commerce sites, which have generated over $750M in revenue and more than $100M in profit.

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A. Einstein

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Joseph 'JP' Prindle

"Life favors the bold and the brave. If it is dangerous, do it. If there is a risk, take it. If it seems impossible, try it. If you never attempt the impossible, youíll never achieve it."

- Joseph C. Prindle